3 Piece Hockey Stick BBQ Set



Merch on a mission!! Game used NHL, AHL, major college hockey sticks, repurposed into high end BBQ sets - each includes tongs, spatula, and fork. But the best part?? These support the gainful employment of special needs young adults❤️

The story began as 2 hockey dads saw expensive carbon hockey sticks being tossed in the trash. So over a pile of broken hockey sticks their idea was born. Partnering with the NHL, AHL and major college teams they have upcycled over 100,000 hockey sticks into high-quality BBQ Sets.

The story continues as two fathers of special needs hockey players concerned about jobs for their adult special needs children started a business to employ Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Adults (IDD).

ABLE Force started their 1# venture with Classic Rock Auto Detail. Then two of the dads crossed paths working
together for the American Special Hockey Association and the owners saw that selling their company to ABLE Force would continue their dream and also provide gainful employment for these wonderful adults.

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