Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt


Greetings to you, the finder of this Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt! The Monkey's Uncle is celebrating lucky 13 years in business, so lucky you, we've designed a scavenger hunt around Doylestown that is just bananas!

There are just 6 Golden Tickets around town, but you'll need to use the clues below to figure out exactly where they've been stashed. The first person to figure out a clue and claim the ticket will be able to scratch it off for a special surprise. The Scavenger Hunt will run from July 1, 2023 - July 8th, 2023, or until all 6 Golden Tickets are found! We will announce on social media and update on this page as tickets are found. Keep in mind there are ONLY 6 golden tickets, so get to cracking on these clues before the competition cashes in. 

-Ticket #1 Clue: With bright flags a waving, here is where Chuck Darwin would curb his confectionery craving. (CLAIMED)

-Ticket #2 Clue: Born from trees, yet none exist, if you don’t believe in myths this clue will be missed (CLAIMED)

-Ticket #3 Clue:  Neither Carpenter or Queen, you’ll frequent this biz when shopping for any pre-tween (CLAIMED)

-Ticket #4 Clue: Whether you ride the waves or ollie on the roads less paved, here is your home wherever you may roam (CLAIMED)

-Ticket #5 Clue: In the eye of the beholder will you find it’s value, by summoning languages of romance will this riddle be solved by you 

-Ticket #6 Clue: Where Popeye’s main squeeze goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on…(CLAIMED)

To claim your prize, you'll need to visit the business that the clue describes, and read off the clue that you think they are the answer to. If you are the 1st person to figure it out, they'll present you with a Golden Ticket from Monkey's Uncle.

This promotion will run from July 1st - 8th, or until all 6 tickets have been found. Only 1 prize per person - Best of luck!